Pharmacy Waste Disposal

Customers should be the main priority of a pharmacy and that is the same principle belief of Biotran, Inc.  That is why Biotran Inc. comes to your helping hand in managing your pharmaceutical waste disposal needs. Each pharmacy has unique needs for disposing expired medicines, sharps and other medications. To ensure that you can attend to the needs of your clients, we make it convenient for you to manage your pharmaceutical wastes. We allow a Pharmacy to differentiate their waste streams through color coded Sharp Containers within their facilities.

Purchase our special bags for bio-hazardous wastes, fill it up with your pharmacy waste and you can order a pick-up or get on a regular schedule all from the home page.  You are ensured that your wastes are handled and disposed properly through environmental-friendly processes. Our staff is trained to manage pharmaceutical waste in compliance to government health and safety standards.

Contact us today and let us take care of your pharmacy waste disposal management needs.