Medical Waste

Medical Wastes are wastes generated at health facilities like hospitals, clinics, doctor’s officers, dental offices, laboratories and medical research facilities.

Medical wastes can be grouped into two: bio-hazards and sharps.

Sharps include hypodermic needles, catheters, scalpels, Pasteur pipettes and dental tools.

On the other hand, biohazards are a group of diverse medical wastes, including but not limited to, body fluids, pathological wastes, contaminated carcasses and body parts; medical cultures and stocks; and pharmaceutical wastes.

These medical wastes should be disposed properly and should be managed with utmost care. If not, it could pose as harmful to people and the environment.

Sharps should be disposed using sharps containers and biohazard wastes should be disposed using biohazard bags. These products are available in Biotran INC. Our company also offers waste management for your medical facility.

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