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Hazmat Materials Safety Regulations and Interpretations

Georgia Department of Natural Resources – Environmental Protection Division – Solid Waste Management – Rules and Regulations

United States Department of Labor – Occupational Safety & Health Administration

For prevention of needlesticks:
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Medical Waste

Medical Wastes are wastes generated at health facilities like hospitals, clinics, doctor’s officers, dental offices, laboratories and medical research facilities.

Medical wastes can be grouped into two: bio-hazards and sharps.

Sharps include hypodermic needles, catheters, scalpels, Pasteur pipettes and dental tools.

On the other hand, biohazards are a group of diverse medical wastes, including but not limited to, body fluids, pathological wastes, contaminated carcasses and body parts; medical cultures and stocks; and pharmaceutical wastes.

These medical wastes should be disposed properly and should be managed with utmost care. If not, it could pose as harmful to people and the environment.

Sharps should be disposed using sharps containers and biohazard wastes should be disposed using biohazard bags. These products are available in Biotran INC. Our company also offers waste management for your medical facility.

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The Environmental Protection Division issues the collection and transfer station permits for biomedical waste under the Solid Waste Management Division.  Biotran, Inc. are issued as follows:


  • PBR 107 – 21 COL
  • PBR 107 – 21 TS

Biotran, Inc. exceeded the correct level of medical waste haulers insurance to ensure our clients that their trust is appreciated, so we take the extra step.

  • Mattei Insurance
  • $2 million Aggregate General Liability
  • $1 million automobile policy

In order to conduct business as a motor carrier, Biotran, Inc. obtained USDOT#1856166 and MC#671867 from the Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration(FMCSA).  Adhering to the strict insurance requirements, the Department of Revenue granted MC#671867 the authority to conduct interstate/intrastate commerce.

At the Inception of Biotran, Inc., a Development of Regional Impact #1944 was conducted by the Northeast Georgia Regional Development Center to determine that “ the development is in the best interest of the Region and there the State”.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA leads a mission to make sure that the working conditions for workers across the country are of quality standards based on safety and health. Company management commitment and employee participation to OSHA Standards is important in ensuring and keeping workplace safety and health standards and programs. Recipients of the OSHA services include: occupational safety and health professionals, the academic community, lawyers, journalists, and personnel of other government entities.

OSHA Compliance is a major priority at Biotran, Inc. To be able to pass workplace inspections, our company provides various services and products to help clients with the disposal of home, clinical, dental, hospital and other medical wastes.

HAZMAT requires that the fiberboard boxes, L18” X W18” X H22”, are tested according to DOT specifications in order to transport regulated medical waste.  Drivers for Biotran, Inc. transporting medical waste are trained every three years as required by the FMCSA and USDOT.

Hospital Waste Disposal

Biotran, Inc. provides the most innovative and safest solutions to hospital wastes. Our services cover disposal of medications, sharps, and pharmaceutical wastes. If you are a small volume producer using boxes and drums or a larger hospital that generates trailer loads with roll-off carts full of biomedical waste, we can assist your facility. We ensure that the handling and disposal of these bio-hazardous wastes comply with government safety policies.

Call us today to start an account for a safe, compliant, and environment-friendly hospital waste disposal management.

Clinical Waste Removal

Clinical Waste demands a stricter regulation in handling and disposing. It includes bodily liquids and wastes, drugs, excretions, human and animal tissue, syringes and more. It is necessary that these wastes are carefully segregated, handled and disposed, as not doing so presents harm to the clinic staff, patients and the environment.

Biotran, Inc. provides clinical waste solutions to prevent health hazards and control harmful infections.  Our services include providing red bio-hazard bags and sharps  containers, as well as waste pick-up.  All services are managed by OSHA-compliant team, trained and exposed to a quality waste management program.

Contact us today for an environmentally-safe, secure and convenient Clinical Waste Disposal service.

Dental Waste Disposal

Dentists and their support staff use and generate wastes that may be harmful to the environment.  Materials like syringes, needles and sharps can be harmful if found in the public garbage bin and/or recycling center.

That is why Biotran, INC. is here. We recognize your dental waste disposal needs and we can provide a safe, professional waste disposal program catered for your dental office. From providing disposal containers, the collection and transportation, all the way to the disposal facility, our waste management team makes sure your waste is properly handled.

You can depend on our reliable and professional service, whatever waste management programs you need.

Pharmacy Waste Disposal

Customers should be the main priority of a pharmacy and that is the same principle belief of Biotran, Inc.  That is why Biotran Inc. comes to your helping hand in managing your pharmaceutical waste disposal needs. Each pharmacy has unique needs for disposing expired medicines, sharps and other medications. To ensure that you can attend to the needs of your clients, we make it convenient for you to manage your pharmaceutical wastes. We allow a Pharmacy to differentiate their waste streams through color coded Sharp Containers within their facilities.

Purchase our special bags for bio-hazardous wastes, fill it up with your pharmacy waste and you can order a pick-up or get on a regular schedule all from the home page.  You are ensured that your wastes are handled and disposed properly through environmental-friendly processes. Our staff is trained to manage pharmaceutical waste in compliance to government health and safety standards.

Contact us today and let us take care of your pharmacy waste disposal management needs.

Home Medical Waste Disposal

Home-generated medications and sharps present hazardous disposal if such are irresponsibly thrown on regular wastes. Waste management can be confusing to regular users who specialize in home medication for patients. Proper management and disposal of wastes is necessary for the safety of your home and the health of the people living in it. Home waste disposal should be taken care of by professionals like Biotran, Inc, who have the necessary training for your needs.

Employ our professional services and start a hassle-free home medical waste disposalsolution. You are assured that our team has trained in compliance to government safety standards.


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