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  • Cardboard Biobox I & II
  • Cardboard Lid for Biobox I & II
  • Suction Canisters
  • Sharps Containers
  • Sharps Accessories
  • Biohazard Red Bags
  • Gloves: Black Nitrile Pf Gloves
  • Polyethylene Tape: 2 #371
  • Plastic Dolly: Fits 31 and 43 Gallon Plastic Drums and Biobox II
  • Plastic Lid: Fits 31 & 43 Gallon Plastic Drums
  • And More!

Prices do not include postage if the client prefers delivery through the postal service as opposed to our in route delivery.
(YOU RECEIVE THE CONTAINERS WITHIN 5-7 DAYS when Biotran returns to your zip code)


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