About Us

Our Mission

Biotran, Inc. offers a unique concept of biomedical waste management service. We offer service options that best fit your facility needs.

We are a trusted, fast, affordable, and professional medical waste management company that is structured to meet your biomedical waste volume, frequency and preference — whichever matters the most to you as the Generator. Take a look at what we offer and how we are different:

  • Optional Service Agreement for Scheduled Generators. The Generator has the capability to lock in the per box rate scale without being subject to market adjustments.
  • There is no activation fee or sign up fee or monthly fee or per stop surcharges.
  • There is no contract.
  • There are no automated price increases.
  • There is no minimum pick-up requirement.
  • Compare our price to any current provider and Biotran will match it with a 3-5 day turnover.
  • We offer biomedical waste disposal products for purchase with no shipping fee for service customers.

Biotran is also capable of passing along available resources that interpret and enforce government ordinances and regulations determining the who, what, when, and how of biomedical waste, free of charge. Good business to us is not charging our clients for information that we obtain without purchase.